Thank You Emily’s Animal Welfare!

Midwest Community Cat Alliance (MCCA) would like to thank Emily’s Animal Welfare, an affiliate of Rescue Bank (a signature program of, for their recent donation of cat food.

The Ancona hoarder situation (and notorious murder case) put a great deal of stress on our organization and volunteers, participating licensed shelters/rescue groups, other cat-related 501c3 organizations, their volunteers, transporters, temporary and long-term foster homes, and many others. The large influx of cats requiring medical care and TLC strained the finances of each of these groups. This food donation will ease some of that stress and strain and will help MCCA continue its mission of saving cats.

We continue to receive updates on the rescued Ancona cats. Sadly, one developed FIP and was humanely euthanized. But, the rest are continuing to recover and thrive…and a few have already been adopted into forever homes.…/klansman-frank-aconas-murd……/kkk-wife-malissa-…/Content…