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DP18-1200, female kitten Picked up on Drew Lane Stray hold 8-3-18 $25 sponsorship to licensed rescue or 501c3 (state specific) midwestcommunitycatalliance@gmail.com


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These cats and kittens are in Farmington Animal Control.1650 Vargo Rd Farmington, MO 63640(573) 631-9521 Officer…

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We use humane traps, never one that would injure an animal.  First time trapping can be scary. But for the cat, a short time of scary is a small price for a lifetime of medical care, food and shelter.


After trapping, the cat(s) are loaded up and taken to a veterinarian that handles feral cats for a lower price along with ear tipping.  After surgery they are brought back to a designated recovery spot and kept safe from 24 hours to 3 days.


When the cats are ready, they are taken back to where their colony has established home with a feeder and care giver to live out their natural lives without more kittens, fighting, roaming and fewer diseases that spread.


Now is the time, if you haven’t yet, to set up feeding stations and shelters.  There are lots of quick, easy and inexpensive ways to provide adequate shelter for your colony.  We will put our heads together and come up with something that works for your situation.

To TNR a colony is not hard to do but it will be a hands on commitment.  Once the cats and feeding stations are complete, you will be responsible for providing food and water every day and keeping adequate shelter available for the amount of cats you are caring for.  You may end up with a couple of lost or abandoned cats that are just looking for a place to eat.  If they decide to stay, we need to find their owners or get them fixed as soon as possible too.

To Feed or Not To Feed

Many people feed stray cats that wander into their yard, no one wants to see a hungry animal. But if there are ferals or strays that you feed on a regular basis they are considered “yours” as far as Animal Control is concerned.  Our good intentions are rewarded with fighting cats and litter after litter of kittens.   If you have 2 or 3 cats that are ferals or strays, get in touch with a local rescue group to get help and get them spayed or neutered before it turns into a larger and more expensive project.

 It is unhealthy for these animals to continue to reproduce, traveling dangerous roads, bringing back and spreading diseases. 

MCCA can help you with trapping or loaning traps, setting up appointments and transportation.  Even getting 1 cat fixed does make a difference. Male cats will lose interest in traveling and fighting after being neutered and females won’t be looking for love either in all the wrong places and attracting outsiders. It helps the cats, you, the community and environment.  Feel free to contact us for more information or search internet sites like Facebook for a rescue or advocacy group near you.

Cat and Mouse

Do you own a barn, a warehouse or any space that needs some rodent control without the chemicals and mess?

You could own a couple of hard working mousers for just the cost of food and water.  You don’t even have to pet them!

Get more info and get started with our winning program.

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Time and Sharing

We can always use someone that is available for various occasional activities.  Transporting, trapping, photographing etc. or if you have a knack for drawing, graphic design, webdesign, law, public speaking, project development,  advertising, planning, grant writing, fundraising, or anything that could help, big or small, Contact Us!  We want you!

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