Wish List

All year long our volunteers work selflessly to make sure the animals get the care they need and that includes everything from driving to animal controls to take pictures, picking up cats for their neuter/spay appointments and then taking them back to the pound, transporting cats (never just one) 5 miles or 300+ miles to setting up barn homes with large cages and carriers for their 3 week acclimation period.  The out of pocket items to keep everything running smooth and the cats/kittens healthy and comfortable is surprising.

  • Carriers, kennels, live traps – larger items of course, are premiums. As are pet store, Walmart and other gift cards.
  • Puppy pads to line the cages and kennels (some cats have no manners and make real messes!)
  • Wet wipes, sanitizing wipes.
  • Paper towels.
  • Small blankets etc. I usually hit Goodwill or garage sales to buy receiving blankets or large fabric placemats.
  • Heating pads or the like for the tiny motherless kittens or sick felines that are unable to regulate their body temperatures.
  • Kitten milk replacement, kitten food, wet and dry.  Like children, we get kittens that need those items usually after veterinary hours or on the weekends.
  • Wet and dry cat food.
  • Topical fea meds, adult and kitten.
  • Sardines and Tuna – Used to bait traps to catch ferals or to tempt a sick feline to eat or hydrate.
  • Single ingredient jarred meat baby foods, unflavored pedialite, eye droppers, measured oral medication syringes.

There are so many more items I know I’m forgetting!  A lot of these items are also shared with all of the underfunded pounds, which are most.

Toys!  Comfort items, like soft beddings, carrier liners. Materials that can be used to cover carseats that carriers and traps will sit on (see messy cats above)

Make inquiries by contacting any of our pages via e-mail or instant messaging. A volunteer will reply and/or make arrangements to pick up donations. Thank you!  Contact