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MCCA mostly relies on volunteers, individual donations, fundraisers and grants in order to pay for the medical part of spay/neuter programs, vaccines, emergencies, transportation and care of the cats. The organization is not supported by nor a part of the City of Farmington Pound.  The items on our wish list are are fairly simple and inexpensive household products that are used for almost everyday clean up, maintenance, care and support of our community cats that are in various stages of their journey to a safe and stable forever home.

 In 2016, MCCA assisted in helping more than 600 cats. Very few, if any, cost MCCA $0 to help and others needed several $100s to save. Every dollar and roll of paper towels makes a difference.

For questions or donations, please message one of the 2 facebook pages AdvoCats or MCCA or email and a volunteer will be happy to answer questions or arrange a donation pick-up.  Thank you!


  • Time.  Short notices of transports needed, usually relay to Festus, Arnold, South co., St. Louis any and all of the above and whatever a volunteer is able to do. Local transports – Bismarck, Bonne Terre, Park Hills etc. from pounds to Farmington vets. And more! 
  • All sizes carriers, wire kennels (with or without hardware), humane no-kill traps
  • Gift Cards – Generic, Wal-mart, Pet Co, Rural King, any and all. Used for general, specialty and emergencies
  • Zip ties
  • Paper towels, puppy pads, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes/cleansing cloths, paper plates
  • All sizes blankets, towels, wash cloths, sheets
  • Tote bags
  • Tarps
  • Various cleaning items, spray bottles
  • Trash bags for covering car seats etc
  • Electric heating pads and blankets, hot water bottles, humidifiers
  • Adult cat wet and dry cat food, oil or water packed sardines and tuna, unflavored pedialite, bottled water
  • Kitten liquid and powdered replacement formula
  • Topical cat and kitten flea meds, litter
  • Plastic containers of all sizes, small bottles of dawn blue dish soap, eyedroppers, measured oral medication dispensers droppers/syringes, pet feeders, bottles, rubber gloves

~~We encourage you to shop at a second hand retail shops, small businesses and garage sales for non-food items~~



MCCA Midwest Community Cat Alliance

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