Thank You

From all of us at Midwest Community Cat Alliance, Inc., thank you so much for your very generous support. With your help, we have been able to provide assistance to well over 500 (almost 600!) cats in various ways: networking to adoption (directly from animal control), TNR, vetting cats to go to rescue groups, providing veterinary care for sick or injured strays, and sadly, sometimes humane euthanasia.

Based on our 2016 statistics, and not counting the adopted or returned to owner cats, we spent an average of approximately $70 per cat we helped. Of course, some cats did not require any funding, and others required significantly more. We could not have done nearly so much without your support!

Below is our 2016 financial report. Our initial budget estimate last year was that we would have an annual income of $12,000. As you can see, we vastly underestimated.

We received $38,113.99 in direct public support from corporations, individuals, and fundraisers (auctions or raffles where a benefit is received by the supporter).

Our business expenses, totaled $1687.50 and are less than 5% of our total income for the year. These expenses are the expenses necessary to run the corporation: registration and filing fees, postage, and so forth. Our organization has no paid staff, and we strive to keep our business expenses as low as possible so that your donations truly save cats in need.

Our operating expenses totaled $37,327.63. These expenses are incurred pursuing our mission: veterinary expenses, expenses for transports to Oregon, Paypal fees from donations (“bank fees” on the attached report), fundraiser expenses, supplies, and pass-through donations. Pass-through donations resulted when MCCA provided some vetting and received donations, but after our veterinary expenses were paid, a balance remained from the donations received.. That balance was then forwarded to the rescue group that took the cat for which the donations were originally earmarked.

Due to some outstanding liabilities, we show a net loss of $901.14 for the year. We look forward to saving more lives in 2017, and hope you will continue on the journey with us.