Desperately seeking help!

We need shares, foster homes, barn homes, and donations.
It’s that time of year! The community cats are partying up a storm and not social distancing!
MCCA worked with Park Hills Animal Control, who ended up with a momma cat whose kittens were killed by a dog and shortly after acquired 3 kittens that were orphans, momma cat accepted the kittens and we secured a rescue for the new family.
MCCA picked up this black and white guy in Desloge due to being out of Farmington Animal Control’s jurisdiction. He had an unknown injury the swelled to unbelievable proportions, after antibiotics the tissue at the bend of his paw died, leaving a gaping wound. He is newly neutered, snap negative, #21-017 and a super sweet guy with a big vet bill! But he is so worth it! He will be vaccinated once his wound heals. The next boy is short haired black, shy, neutered and snap neg. but he has severe problems with gum disease and may have teeth removed soon. When he’s not in pain he is a sweet boy with human eyes!
Please share, pledge, foster or donate! Thank you all for caring for the kitties! Paypal