Feral Cat Feeding Stations and Hide-aways

Types, styles and sizes of feral feeding stations can vary from a cardboard box to a storebought or a custom built shelter.

DIY Quick and cheap – Short term durability:

T-shirt box: cozy, hideout

Will not withstand wind, rain or snow without substantial reinforcement.  These can be made for indoor hangouts too.  Materials and techniques vary slightly.  I prefer not using staples, pins or anything metal.

DIY Cat Tent from T-Shirt and Box – YouTube




Alley Cat Allies besides just being awesome in general, they have a great list of DIY projects for all levels and some fab fancy schmancy customizing too. too.  https://www.alleycat.org/resources/feral-cat-shelter-options-gallery/

Build This Easy DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter for Your Cat or Strays

You can make several variations of this cozy shelter, depending on the supplies you already have around your home or what you can afford to buy, but here’s what you need.

  • Two nested containers: Whether they’re plastic crates, cardboard boxes wrapped in duct tape, or a plastic box and a styrofoam cooler, one container needs to be small enough to fit inside the other. You also need access to the inside of both containers. MORE