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How You Can Help

Donate $

Money is always welcome. It helps with unexpected rescues, emergencies and more.

Household Goods and Products

This is MCCA’s wish list of items we use the most and usually buy out of pocket

Time and Sharing

We can always use someone that is available for various occasional activities.  Transporting, trapping, photographing etc. or if you have a knack for drawing, graphic design, webdesign, law, public speaking, project development,  advertising, planning, grant writing, fundraising, or anything that could help, big or small, Contact Us!  We want you!

Never underestimate the power of the internet.  We have seen it make ’em and break ’em.  Show support and recruit supporters.  Share share share!  Facebook, Twitter, where ever you prefer.

Cat and Mouse

Do you own a barn, a warehouse or any space that needs some rodent control without the chemicals and mess?

You could own a couple of hard working mousers for just the cost of food and water.  You don’t even have to pet them!

Get more info and get started with our winning program.


MCCA Midwest Community Cat Alliance

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