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Oregon Tail

Our Part of This Oregon Tail start with a board member of Midwest Community Cat Alliance Inc., teamed up with The Oregon Cat Adoption Team that graciously offered to help find stray and unwanted cats and kittens forever homes.

The members rounded up all the eligible cats and kittens from Desloge, Park Hills, Farmington and Bonne Terre, Missouri pounds and fosters.  The cats and kittens were transferred by volunteers to get vaccines, check-ups, spay/neuters and paperwork required to cross state lines.

Fundraisers were a success!  Many animal loving people contributed to cover the costs of gas, food and supplies. An immense amount of planning, coordinating of animals and paperwork was underway to get to the central transporting area near Kansas City Missouri.

First transports happened in Missouri with various stops to get the animals to Holden Missouri.

The next day volunteers loaded up cats and kittens into 2 cargo vans in their comfortable cages with all the amenities of a rolling B & B!

2 drivers in each van tagged teamed to drive straight through to Sherwood Oregon.  Of course as predicted our awesome drivers fought their way through road constructions, traffic jams and adverse weather conditions (Wyoming 🙂 )

Once arriving and unloading the kitty cargo for their chance for getting loving homes, our volunteers took a break and headed back.

MCCA cannot thank all of the members and volunteers enough that donated to fundraisers, their time, supplies, driving, fostering and prayers!  You know who you are and you are appreciated! 

Samantha DeFleur Gooch – MCCA Boardmember

Last week, 4 drivers drove 2 vans with 50 cats/kittens from 3 rescue groups all the way across the country to the amazing Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon. Cats and kittens that would otherwise have had no chance!

So many people to thank! Michelle Floyd and Sheila West for driving, Lalita Creighton and all the volunteers on her end, Erin Morse and MARQ, Alice with Angel’s Heart, Kristi Brooks and Karen Green with C.A.T for trusting me enough to continue accepting cats who are most in need, and HUGEST OF THANKS to all of you that donated supplies and money for the transport. Without your ongoing support, it would be impossible for us to do what we do.

In the last 2 years, I have been part of transporting almost 600 cats/kittens to C.A.T.
You will never know just how grateful I am to all of you that have made this possible. These transports are one of the things in rescue I am most proud of. THANK YOU!


MCCA Midwest Community Cat Alliance

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