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5 Cool Summertime Treats for Cats | Animal Planet

Are you looking for some cool summertime treats for cats? Visit Animal Planet to find the top 5 cool summertime treats for cats.

Cat Summertime Disease Safeguards – The Daily Cat

Summer often conjures up pleasant thoughts of vacations, outdoor cookouts and warm afternoons at the beach. For your cat, though, it can be the season of miserable infections spread by a number of unpleasant parasites, such as roundworms and giardia, which proliferate in warm temperatures. These bloodthirsty bugs of …

Should You Shave Your Dog or Cat for Summer? – Healthy Pets › Feature Stories

You may also want to shave a dog that stays outside all the time, has a matted coat, and is likely to be wet often. In these circumstances, a dog can develop an unpleasant condition called myiasis — maggots in the fur. If your dog is prone to hot spots, a summer shave may be helpful, but discuss this with your vet first.

Cats and Summer Time – Tips for Moggys at play – Cat care in the … › Articles & Stories › Cat Care and Cat Health

We all know how much cats love to sunbathe and chase flying insects around the garden, so here are a few tips to help keep your cat safe.

Purina – Summertime Cat Safety

Apr 24, 2015 – Summertime cat safety. Summer is officially underway – and for many of us, that means barbecues, parties, picnics in the park and large family gatherings. But some fun activities for humans can present dangers to our feline friends, so before you start planning your next big backyard barbie, add these …


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