MCCA is strictly non-profit and we are

held accountable for every dime that we receive from private, public, or government entities.

There are no lunches, pizza parties, birthday parties, trips for “training”, evening cocktails, or socialization of any kind to be used as a “write-off”.

Donations of food, litter, toys etc. are used for community and foster cats, not our own personal pets.

All money that MCCA receives is through donations, fundraisers and grants.  Most times we use our personal bank accounts to supplement  and cover shortages.

Adjective – Not established for making a profit.

What We Can Do…

  • We can help you help an animal in need.
  • We can loan traps or help trap.
  • We can direct you to lower cost veterinary care.
  • We will share our knowledge of how, who, or where to get you and the animal you are helping to the best place for your situation.
  • MCCA will teach you how you can help as a volunteer or foster.
  • We can give tips on how to care for animals in need in your area.

MCCA is made up of volunteers who have spent years and loads of cash establishing contacts, supplies and experience.

We Don't

  • Give out money.
  • We can not assist pet owners with their pets.
  • We don’t pick up cats because you don’t want them.
  • MCCA is not an employee of the city or government.  No one pays us a salary and we pay our own taxes.

We work with the community to help the community cats in need and cannot do this without help and donations.

*MCCA cannot personally help in every instance, we rely on volunteers and good samaritans to step up and help make a difference to the life of an animal in need.*

This is your community, your family, friends, jobs, property, life.  Help us make a positive impact in your community and in the lives of homeless, abandoned and neglected cats.  They didn’t magically appear, someone let the cat out.