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How You Can Help


Fostering a cat or kitten gives them the ultimate advantage of having a successful adoption.  The human household and sounds can be overwhelming and scary to a cat that is not familiar with indoor and/or humans, but living in a foster helps them to become more adaptive and comfortable with homes and humans.  The foster experience is priceless to these kitties and rewarding to watch these creatures blossom into happy family oriented pets.

Be a Volunteer

We always need people that can transport cats to rescues, vet appointments, and other errands. Requests for transporters are put on our Facebook page and are usually an hour or less transports one way to hand off to another volunteer transporter until the cargo gets to it’s rescue.  Check the page often and let us know if you are available when a request goes out.

Make a Donation

As a non-profit all of our income comes from donations, fundraisers, or grants.  Every penny goes to help local cats with spay/neuters, vaccinations, carriers/kennels, emergency treatments, medications, flea meds and so much more.  We can not help without your help and every dollar is greatly appreciated!



Spread the Word

Teaching and bringing awareness about spay/neuter, adopting, and programs that help the community has a huge impact on making a difference in our neighborhoods. Be it donations, people sharing to other people, someone spaying or neutering their own pets or bringing in volunteers, this is something that everyone can do.  Bring up the subject in conversations with friends, family, church, work or any function and direct them to the MCCA website or their own local programs.

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