At only about 8 weeks old, Kiera was found injured and starving.  Midwest Community Cat Alliance got her in to a vet and maggots were cleaned out of her injury and she was placed on several medications to treat infection and parasites.  A volunteer for us offered to foster her until she went to rescue, but unfortunately, rescue backing fell through.  Although Kiera has finished her medications, she is not thriving.  Upon another veterinary consultation, we found out Kiera has a severe diaphragmatic hernia.  Without lifesaving surgery, her young life will be cut short long before she even reaches six months old.  Unfortunately, MCCA’s coffers are very low due to several other veterinary expenses, and we cannot afford the surgery.  Payment is due at the time of surgery, so until we raise enough money, we have to wait and hope she makes it.  Initial estimate is $2000 for the surgery.  Please, small donations add up.  If you can’t donate, please share and get the word out.  This adorable girl deserves the chance to live!

Source: Fundraiser by Lalita Creighton : Kiera ‘s Hernia Surgery