Here is a good summary of where your donations go. Most of the cats going on to rescue had some level of vetting support from MCCA as well as the networking support we provided.

THANK YOU for helping us save so many lives.

We assisted 605 cats this year! Thank you so much for all of your support. Please spay/neuter your pet and your weird relatives so that there aren’t as many cats needing help next year!

Our 2016 stats

452 cats went to rescue and 407 were from animal controls, 45 were off the streets

28 cats were adopted from the pounds

42 cats were put into barn placement (feral)

27 cats were returned to owners

45 cats had some sort of vetting assistance (beyond those vetted for rescues), includes 35 that were TNR

Sadly, there were 6 cats that escaped the pounds and were never found again, and 5 that either passed away in the pound when nobody was there, or was so injured they had to be euthanized (hit by a car etc).