Midwest Community Cat Alliance is very pleased to announce we have applied for a rescue license with the Missouri Department of Agriculture. It is a requirement to continue our Operation Better Mousetrap barn program, which largely focuses on placing vetted feral cats from animal control into barn, warehouse, or other working homes. We often need to be able to foster these cats for some period of time before placement and this enables us to do so.

Since we are a very small organization with our members spread across a large geographical area, it is not possible for us to set up and attend adoption events. Therefore, we will still continue in our current capacity as a “pass through” organization, assisting the friendly cats in the eight animal controls we currently network get pulled and transferred to other licensed rescue groups better able to handle adoptions.

By making this change, we offer two additional benefits to the rescues receiving the cats and kittens we have pulled. First, no matter which facility the animal came from, the paperwork provided will be complete and uniform. With the small rural animal controls, paperwork can be hit or miss. Second, we will be able to better assess temperament and provide more accurate information to the receiving rescue. No more wondering if the cat is really just scared, or really needs a barn home. Please keep in mind, per Department of Agriculture rules, we will not be able to warehouse large numbers of cats/kittens. If we pull a cat/kitten that is code red and we’ve filled up our last of our very limited foster space, we cannot pull another without doing an immediate transfer of one already in foster, or directly from animal control.

We sincerely hope that in addition to continuing to save the lives of feral cats, these additional benefits to the receiving rescue will help us to also continue to help save the lives of friendly cats. Cat lives matter!