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Please take  this opportunity to give yourself a 2018 tax break and contribute to your local  community felines, where you know 100% of all donations are used to benefit area cats in danger and control cat populations with caregiver Trap-Neuter-Return programs.

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Our final post of the day and wow, what a way to end. A couple of weeks ago we received an email from Midwest Community…

Posted by Five Acres Animal Shelter on Tuesday, November 27, 2018




Sometimes called “Trap Neuter Release”, these programs give un-adoptable, under socialized, feral cats an opportunity to live longer fulfilling lives as opposed to euthanasia in government run facilities.

Most people at one time or another will find themselves face to face with a stray cat that has wandered onto their property looking helpless and abandoned.  It’s hard not to feel the need to nurture these skinny & scarred creatures, but mom was right, if you feed them they will stay, bring the family with them and reproduce like rabbits.

Gestation period for a feline is about 65 days or 2 months and a week later, there are an additional 5 or 6 pathetic felines waiting to be fed.  So you find homes for the little monstrosities.  3 months later you again find yourself with more kittens.   Now it becomes more difficult, burdensome and unfair to always be sitting in front of Wal-mart trying to give kittens away to total strangers or asking friends, family and neighbors over and over to help find them homes.

If you decide to feed the cat, trap the unwanted feline with a humane trap using smelly canned fish or usher it into a carrier and take it to an appropriate vet depending on if friendly or feral for a quick once over checkup, spay/neuter, vaccinations, de-wormer, flea treatment, eartip and return home or to the caregiver. 

*Check your local facebook pages, craigslist or Animal Control for help borrowing equipment, trapping and getting other help and resources.  There are people out there that desperately want to help.


Explore these other pages to find more information on how, tips, tricks and more.

Choose your responsibility before you feed.

If you feed them, fix them.

Address: 1021 Howard George Dr, Manchester, MO 63021

Open 24 hours – Referral only


Address: 9937 Big Bend Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122


24 Hours

Animal Poison Control | (888) 426-4435 | ASPCA



Do you own a barn, a warehouse or any space that needs some rodent control without the chemicals and mess?

You could own a couple of hard working mousers for just the cost of food, water and a safe place to sleep.  100% organic, pre-packaged spay/neutered and vaccinated.

Get more info and get started with our winning program.


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