Q & A

Q - What is MCCA?

  • MCCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping, but not limited to the community cats in St. Francois County and surrounding areas. 

Q - What is a community cat and how do you help them?

  • A community cat is defined as a stray or free roaming cat. 
  • MCCA keeps in contact with as many Animal Control Officers/Pounds as possible, when cats come in, they are assessed for temperment and health.
  • Pictures and information are taken back to a phone or computer where this information goes out to rescues and  organizations that may be able to adopt them out to families, put them to work as barn cats, garage cats etc.
  • Information is placed in public forum like Facebook to ask for pledges to get the funds to pay for the cats medical and adoption costs.

Q - I have a couple of stray cats that hang out at my house, I  feed them but they won't let me pet them, can I call you for help?

  • We would be more than happy to help you TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) the cats.  
  • MCCA can trap and arrange for a low cost "fix" and shots.
  • And help you set up shelter and feeding station.
  • Message us anytime.

Q - How much will it cost me to get these cats done?

  • MCCA does not charge for trapping or loaning traps, though donations are always welcome through the website.  
  • MCCA gets prior approval with veterinarians we use for feral/community cats that will give us a significant discount for the bare bones spay/neuter, rabies and ear-tipping, all which are required.  Or appointments can be made at Carol House Quick Fix St. Louis.

Q - My cat escaped!  I checked the pounds, what else can I do?

  • Make sure Animal Controls has your information and description
  • Facebook has a plethora of Lost and Found Pet/Cat/Dog sites, post on all that are in your area. It does no good to post outside your search areas.  Do not give out personal information in an open forum and not at all until you are sure that your cat has been found.
  • More ideas, suggestions and checklists HERE

Q - On Saturday I gave money to a fundraiser that was being             held by your organization.  Where did my money go?

  • If the fundraiser was held for a specific reason such as raising money to buy new traps, then it goes to buy traps first.  Extra or leftover money is used to buy other supplies like tarps, towels, food, blankets etc. or pay vet bills.  The items on our Wish List about covers it.

√ MCCA will get every cat that we can off of death row and back home or to a new one

  The volunteers are mostly natives to this part of Missouri or transplants and have jobs & families, bills and commitments.

 Volunteers trap, transport, run errands, house supplies, cages, carriers using our own homes, vehicles and supplies to help a lost, feral, stray, injured or sick cat get home or where they need to be.

 MCCA can only help you help the animals and vice versa.  

 We will crawl under a house in the mud at midnight for a cat.

 MCCA is held accountable by the IRS and others for donations, spending, fundraisers and more.

 Volunteers are not medical professionals for MCCA and cannot give medical advice, treatment or write prescriptions.

  MCCA does not have a bricks and mortar place of operation and are not licensed to run a foster program, so we are unable house or foster any animals.

 We are not Animal Control and will not pick up or trap cats that you want to go away without a plan.

 We are not a traditional rescue.

 MCCA does not adopt out or give animals away to the public.

 We do not euthanize animals, just the opposite.

The goal is for all cats to be healthy, safe, fed, sheltered and spayed/neutered.

 We will help you how ever we can find your cat if it is missing

We cannot do it without support.

~For emergencies concerning feral or unknown animals, contact your local Animal Control Officer or the police first.  Never attempt to handle an injured animal on your own~

*For your own personal animals, your best information will come from your veterinarian or nearest vet clinic.*

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